My Work

Live comfortably with the knowledge of tomorrow.

My clientele is still predominantly male, but in recent years more and more women come to me whose men (between 50 and 60 years old) thinking about retirement.

The woman of the same age is now active and goes forward, she would like to work, looking for ways to become reality, but do not know where to start, what is their job, what they can do, etc.

With my work I help the woman herself to find / detect, and then to realize their ideas. Kinky threads of fate are entwined, identified opportunities and threats. During the conversation, they developed their own ideas about their abilities, their vocation. You receive concrete information about the times when they should begin with changes and how they can develop. I am happy to accompany you on this path. Many important issues such as knotting of partnerships or partnership problems were supported by me and developed with appropriate people.

Siegfried Trunz, my husband, has taken the mathematical part of my work. It is calculated using its proprietary programs astrology planetary data. The resulting event data are very precise. Through my work, I give people an invaluable aid to seek a new or different way, if they want to change their lives.

Meanwhile, I am known for my good "career guidance".

Companies seek advice, there are represented all industries. The owners or managers who face decisions that are no longer as willing to take risks like years ago. With me they know the right time for their projects. I help to do the right thing at the right time. Whether in start-ups or new employees in job search or career change.
Many questions are then to answer, such as:
"How long does he stay?"
"Is he suitable for this area?"
"What about the teamwork of employees with this?" etc ...

Workers from many higher positions, some even from Abroad for advice and help. Mostly people who are afraid about their future, because the business is bad. Questions when and where an investment is responsible for the present time. Many employees and workers, who fear for their jobs, come to me now. Unemployed who no longer possible to see to find a job get me times to write applications, which then normally lead to a job.

For tour arrangements, I support managers to find the best data for events. Also in int. Motorsport I advise here for the most part, when it comes to contracts with a sponsor.
Politicians come regularly for years.
With some doctors I work very closely together, be it that I recognize organic disorder and my clients recommend to consult a doctor or doctors look for organic causes of disease and can not find it. Then they call and we will find a way to help the patient. By my astrology, when I have very specialized on the prenatal phase of man, the organ developments can be identified very well. So I can determine fairly accurately from an astrological point of view, which organ was affected in its development and the importance of their influence in life.

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