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What about the signs of the zodiac?

Time and again, the messages that the position of the zodiac sign is wrong, a ram as was a fish and that astrology but working with false astronomical data.

The Zodiac (Greek. Zodiak, Zodiac) is an imaginary belt. Either side of the ecliptic, in the sun, earth and moon and the other planets and moons of our solar system appear to move across the heavens themselves He is split wide, each 30 degrees comprehensive sections through the zodiac into twelve equal. The zodiac signs are therefore as it were a measuring scale, which resulted in the precession no longer coincides (orbital motion of the solar system in space) of the Earth's axis today with the same constellations; they are the way of differential expansion and brightness. The sidereal zodiac is formed by the constellations, while the articulated by the character tropical zodiac represents nothing more than a uniform, earth-related classification of the annual run, and hence its importance for astrology refers.

Chosen by astronomy ago that we know Zodiac sign with the associated month actually no longer match. The reason is that the Earth is part of the cosmos in which everything is in motion. To migrate our solar system, and with it the planet Earth to another orbit (precession). From Earth, we see very distant stars, which seems to stand still, the fixed stars.

Our ancestors gave certain constellations within the fixed stars name to the operations as Sowing, planting or harvesting dates set. Twelve of them they took as a place holder for the twelve months of the year. So they knew that the mark fish (March) to prepare the fields and the seed had to deploy. In Virgo (September) is general harvest time. And in Aquarius (February) is one full of confidence and know that spring is not far off.

Over 2000 years constellation / zodiac signs wanders through the vernal equinox in April. So is actually 2000 years before Aries been seen and in 2000 years it will be the Aquarius while we recognize the fish today at the same sky position. One remains in this example, and in reality: It is always in April.

Man has projected over the millennia the seasons of the sky, that he has been looking for a particular zodiac sign and then found it in Capricorn January. Just as he did it in September, when he was looking for a Zodiac in the sky, a fixed point, which showed him, now we have the time in which we must reap.

These are the 'Constellations / Zodiac' named as 'zodiac'. 'Zodiac' would be correct, because these characters are formed by stars. So it would be more accurate if we say today, it is an April-born and not an Aries born.

The seasons, and the date is important for creating an astrological opinion, not the signs of the zodiac, zodiac sign or constellation.

The celestial bodies of our solar system are eternal clocks that govern not only the cycles of day and night, the tides and seasons. They govern not from any whim, but also control the fate that was imposed to each of us at the moment of conception and birth as it were. I refer to my page "Prenatal Astrology"

Knowing the possibilities and the tendencies of its development, which were a given with the way you can exploit them better for their own benefit and thus has its own destiny better in the hand.

Man is only as long as a small cog in the big machine like he wants it himself. Everyone has free will and the ability to exercise it.

The influence of the moon on the earth, we already known. His influence is evident in the tides, caused by the effect of gravity on the water masses of the oceans. Modern measurement technology allows us to recognize that even the solid for us footing the tidal rhythm raises and lowers.

I refer to my page "The Moon"

​Karin Trunz

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​It helps to "do the right thing at the right time", whether in professional decisions, company foundations or in the private-personal area. Kinky fate threads are unraveled, opportunities and dangers recognized. Astrology was born of her. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived after the moon phases, introduced her to astrology and taught her to work and live with the "cosmos in harmony".

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