The Moon

What about the moon?

​Due to field reports collected over the centuries, it can be said that people react more intensely at full moon different than usual. In particular, the electrical activity in the brain increases.

Man is, like the cosmos in which he lives, a electromagnetic system and everything he does, is determined by the cosmic electromagnetic processes.

The view expressed in ancient association between lunar phases and

Fertility, growth and decay has been confirmed by science mainly.

Today it is common knowledge that the plant growth is influenced by the moon, the tides rhythm depends on him and the female menstrual cycle corresponds to the lunar cycle of about 28 days.

The moon is a satellite of the Earth, on average 384,000 kilometres away from her. Its diameter is about 3476 km and thus only a quarter of the size of Earth. It requires 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes for the circumference of the earth. Since it has no protective atmosphere like Earth, it has been taken from the outset by countless collisions with meteorites. To be shown us craggy face emerged.

The moon rotates within 24 hours as the earth once around its axis and therefore always shows us the same page. The moonlight is a reflection of sunlight, only about 7 percent of it radiates back.

We observe that of the full moon to full moon 29.5 days elapse.

At new moon the moon is exactly in line between the sun and earth, the sun his remote side toward Earth. Sun and moon act now in one direction, which is why the difference between high and low tide (tidal range) is particularly high.

Are about 14 days have passed, the soil is perfectly aligned between the sun and moon, we have a full moon.

The attractions of the sun and moon counteract each other, so that the tidal range is lowest.

In crescent moon is at right angles to the line Sun - Earth. We then see a half moon in the sunlight, while the other half is in the shade.

With the movements of the moon, the sun and the tides, the reproductive cycles and living conditions of the fish are connected and which, in turn, the fishing industry and the existence of fishermen depends. Undoubtedly, this is an oversimplification, a generalization; there is no point in trying to deny it.

But one thing is, from this one fact starting, you can continue to spin the thread: It may be obvious to all and find each dependency. But there are no islands in the universe. Everything is subject to the same laws of nature.

The effects of the moon on the earth, we already known. His influence on the tides, caused by the effect of its gravitational forces on the water masses of the oceans on the Earth in general is widely researched.

And science has made lately more remarkable discoveries that give the astrologers and their methods of observation and interpretation of these and other influences right.

The phases of the moon and its effects

​Full Moon

​We currently have a lot of perseverance and discipline. It accepts you, ask yourself new challenges.
Do not overdo, not strong physical exertion. Do you exercise, according to your physical performance.
For operations of the healing process is difficult, wounds bleed more. / P>
The scarring is more intense.
Immunizations should be avoided.
The love life and fertility are reinforced.

​Decreasing Moon

​Now possible to start anything new. Maintain existing relationships and fix it. Your endurance will help to create a clear impression about your money and your life.
Support your body, in this phase of the moon, you can detoxify your body: At the dentist can insert dentures and amalgam and: for example, Tartar removal.
In the garden, everything is under the ground, maintained.
Root and pest control.
Operations gone better.

​Ne​w ​Moon

​Detoxification of the body is ready now most. A day of fasting on that day can prevent many diseases. Activities should be reduced, a time of rest, regeneration and self-discovery. This day is well suited to abandon old habits.
Vitamins and minerals are now particularly well absorbed by the body. Social drugs that burden the liver, now shun.
In the garden you should not harvest now. The grass can be sown or mowed. Plants can be placed, re-potted or offset.

​Increasing Moon

​During this time, calm and serenity are your partners. Use it for all transactions, when it comes to your right. You are now creatively.
The body is ready, it stores energy. For a time, the body to give everything for construction and eliminate deficits.
Everything you consume right now, you can harvest in your garden.

​Karin Trunz

​Be personally advised

​It helps to "do the right thing at the right time", whether in professional decisions, company foundations or in the private-personal area. Kinky fate threads are unraveled, opportunities and dangers recognized. Astrology was born of her. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived after the moon phases, introduced her to astrology and taught her to work and live with the "cosmos in harmony".

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