Karin Trunz

​Astrology is her life. Objectively and qualitatively their advice. Karin Trunz , at 3.4 . born in Willich , took private lessons in Dusseldorf and Saarbrücken . Since that time she created astrological advice . Your business card promises :


​Prefabricated computer analysis there is not it, because this work according to the watering can principle and serve in the best case, as light reading.

Siegfried & Karin Trunz

​Siegfried & Karin Trunz

In her opinion, there is only due to the planetary data it receives from her husband Siegfried Trunz. This he created with its self-developed proven Program. The astrology requires accurate data. Even a quarter of a degree of possible variation in the planetary positions can be calculated and thus the result of a significant change. The calculated data are compared regularly with planetary data relevant astronomical literature and were, to date, in the accuracy gleichwertig. With accuracy and dedication determined Siegfried Trunz the data, accurately and clearly; an ideal basis for further work by Karin Trunz. The calculated planetary data evaluates them personally and so created their client's personal opinion.

This report is the basis for the discussion here it is the client assistance on all his life situations, advises and shows him alternative ways which he can choose.

From a young age Karin Trunz started her astrological consultation activity in Krefeld. Today it has an up to 16-hour day. The clientele is diverse. Mostly men are also offered, including managers, businessmen, executives, etc., who face decisions and like to consult the Council of Karin Trunz decision support. She has made a name in business consulting. Business, personal and career counseling belong to their daily lives.

It helps  "at the right time doing the right thing", whether in career choices, start-ups or in privately-personal space.
Kinky threads of fate are entwined, identified opportunities and threats. Astrology was her in the cradle. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived by the phases of the moon, it introduced in astrology, and taught them to work with the "cosmos in line" and live.

Karin Trunz lives for astrology. But a little leisure must be. They often visited concerts, dedicated to the gardening and taking care of her two "children", the two Siamese cats Willi and Lina.

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