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​Karin Trunz

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​It helps to "do the right thing at the right time", whether in professional decisions, company foundations or in the private-personal area. Kinky fate threads are unraveled, opportunities and dangers recognized. Astrology was born of her. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived after the moon phases, introduced her to astrology and taught her to work and live with the "cosmos in harmony".

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The fire sign Aries , which is ruled by Mars , opened the zodiac . Here are the original impulses of life , the breaking of the forces . Aries represents the beginning of a process and does not care about what is returned . He just wants voranpreschen . The personality of Aries people involve immense potentials of energy and drive . Since Aries is a cardinal sign , he is constantly looking for new ways and wants to pioneer . The downside is perhaps a lack of stamina , because he does not want to stay at a job long .

If you would learn to use your great energy potential is concentrated on one thing , you could be very successful . They wasted no time , but want to take immediate action , should, however, also consider the needs of those around you , if you do not want igendwann lonely are at the top , because no one came along with your pace . You might overlook important details and then later wonder what the heck is wrong. Therefore you should first carefully plan your actions and also pull teamwork into consideration . Assign the advice of other back not rashly , and listen to well-intentioned advice on , it will not be to your disadvantage .

Your pronounced ambition requires that you first reach the goal and deliver the most qualified results . As your qualities are undisputed as ' leader of the pack ' , you get the recognition that is so fundamentally important to you . If you also deal more diplomatic with those around you and develop your sensitivity , your success is really nothing in the way , because that really positive at the Aries man is that he never gives up .

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The bull , which is assigned as a sign the earth element , is characterized by his determination and purposeful action . Bulls are required not to be too much cause of the material comforts of life into temptation , because they enjoy their hard-earned successes like .

Because the planet Venus dominates the bull , you can be enthusiastic about the finer things in life . You are a sensual person who needs to deal with the matter and wants to see tangible results . Only you should not make the mistake to define themselves on your property .

They need security and stability in your life and enjoy working for your retirement or pension . You just want to have to make any financial worries and are also willing to do something . You find it difficult not to devote himself enduring a task only makes sense it should be. Feel free to replant a garden or maybe even build a house . With your money you are going to be very responsible and happy about your interest credits . If one challenges you , you can sometimes lose your privacy and romp as do the bulls now once . But until then, must happen a lot already .

In your relationships, you can sometimes be very jealous because you are somewhat possessive. However, hardly developed another sign of the zodiac as much loyalty as the bull . but for you it is important to learn in the course of your life that other people can not have , but that these have rather decided voluntarily to resign from a stage of the life cycle with you .

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The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and the element associated with air . They are distinguished by their communicative and have an agile mind . The contact with other people is very important for you , and you just love to express yourself and chosen to lead a good conversation . You also like to inform yourself about current events in order to keep your knowledge up to date . The field of media fascinates you , and maybe you'll find there a future career . You find it easy to deal with all kinds of information and also to reflect on .

Maybe you should more time to spend time to give your mind some rest and recharge their batteries , since they may quickly wear out between the fronts and become unbalanced . You must learn to differentiate between useful and unimportant information and activities , otherwise you will expect too much . You might could also be active as a writer and thus find the necessary serenity to organize your thoughts .

They are quite curious and always want to know what is just ' uptodate ' . If you have not enjoyed in your youth the training that you would have liked , you will try this shortcoming balance your life .

If you do not have the necessary variety , you could be capricious and unbalanced and perhaps even use hurtful words towards your fellow human beings . Therefore it is important for you to get enough suggestions that always keep your brain busy. Sit quietly for once with your own role in this universe and then respond you not insulted to criticism from your large circle of friends , which will not help you .

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Cancer people are very sensitive, because the cancer is a watermark and shares the environment of his feelings with . Moreover, he is a feminine sign, which is associated with a planet, the moon, so that it also stands for the female potential in man.

You live your feelings, and thus determines your emotional state your behavior more than anything else. Your emotional nature is ruled by the moon phases, therefore like emotional stability not just be your greatest strength. This can sometimes propel your environment almost to despair. A satisfactory home situation is very important for your sense of security, which is why all the necessary features are very strong with you. Sensitivity is both your strength, on the other, your weakness, which you have, especially if you are ridiculed.

Hide your soft core like under your thick armor, because you are afraid to admit their vulnerability. You should learn to stand and to your weaknesses and mistakes and to open up to other people, then your great potential will unfold in earnest. You can so much affection and warmth give that it would be a real shame if you would not use these qualities also. You need to be close to other people and should overcome your fear, to arrive not good or to be exploited.

They have a great imagination, but a rather confused inner life, so that you may not have the necessary ambition to also make sense to live out your talents. Overcome yourself and you tell people when you do not fit anything, because sometimes you need long to find direct and open words. You should try to enforce your interests with clear actions; that will be best for your self-confidence.

​Karin Trunz

​Be personally advised

​It helps to "do the right thing at the right time", whether in professional decisions, company foundations or in the private-personal area. Kinky fate threads are unraveled, opportunities and dangers recognized. Astrology was born of her. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived after the moon phases, introduced her to astrology and taught her to work and live with the "cosmos in harmony".

The fire sign Leo is associated with the sun, that is the great light, in the words of the medieval astrology. The element of fire is primarily concerned with the discovery and fulfillment of future opportunities. The sun gives us the energy that we need to tackle our daily tasks. It is the center of all life and represents the vitality in us.

Lions are very generous people and have to have a rather proud feeling world. The lion is replete with love, gratitude and luster and gives this like on to other people. He lives his convictions fully invested all the force of his personality. The influence of the sun symbolism feel born in Leo people as an invitation to respond to it. Although lions are abundantly equipped with positive characteristics, they have to learn to find their true nature and their lower energy independent of recognition by other.

In other words:

An important task of the lion is to search themselves.

As Lion you is not as important as your own little inner world. Therefore, it is difficult for you to jump over your shadow and to accept that perceive other people differently or think than yourself. It will sometimes fail to recognize the needs of those around you, because the lion different from the scale, the cancer or the fish is not a sign of the relationship.

They hate routines and can also be quickly impatient when it is not preceded by quickly enough. You also respond quickly offended to criticism and can not imagine what must be wrong with you because even. They are confident about yourself and your abilities and need for recognition of your surroundings. You will be hard to miss, because you have a majestic appearance and easy size. When you receive the admiration needed, you can be very generous and let others open heart to share your riches. You might remember a King from a fairy tale, which is very good, if he does not just have to fight against evil enemies and his power is in danger.

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People who are born under the sign Virgo, usually make their professional life in the foreground. The Virgin is the most realistic of the zodiac signs. Your assigned so that it is always in search of knowledge that can be immediately implemented in the practice of the planet Mercury. Virgins are able to differentiate very precisely, a simple yes or no does not satisfy them.

Because you love the detail that you work carefully and precisely. Disorder and sloppiness challenge you to try harder and bring structure in your environment. You can work even enjoy and full-fill your duties like, but be careful not to be exploited. Sometimes, however, there is a risk that you take your work too seriously and no longer perceive the gentle way of life.

They also analyse your environment meticulously and are able, so to lose in the details, that it is impossible for you to assemble the individual parts into a whole. Do not forget how important it is to recognize the essential things in life and not to dwell on the banal events.

Train yourself in tolerance, it is in fact a risk to important to take one's views. This means that although you should make your ideas into action vigorously and effectively, you should here the people who do things in a different way to learn to accept .

The sign of Virgo is associated with health. Since you do worry a lot, you should be careful to not be exhausted, because this may lead to adverse health effect. Ultimately, it does not matter if you are worried or not, you can use it anyway not the way things change.

The assignment of the Virgo to the earth element, you owe it that you value material wealth and the related conveniences. When shopping pay attention to quality and detest cheap mass products.

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Since the scale is a cardinal sign, you can put your energies focused and initiate new situations. We make your activities you usually together with other people, because alone you are not happy. The planet Venus, which is associated with the scale, you can in your search for harmony radiate many fine qualities; so you are charming and know how to dress tastefully. You want to be recognized, but do not give it as fast your principles on. It is much more important to you in the morning to be able to see with a satisfied feeling in the mirror.

You like to indulge in thoughts about love and dream to merge with the partner of your choice. Anger, jealousy or hatred puts you in fear because this contradicts your ideal of truth and aesthetic. However, you can also work persistently and purposefully and effectively organize your daily life. You should not overload, because in your desire for perfection, you often seem a lot to.

You can move well on the social stage, because you have honed manners and have to live a passion for the fine art. With your courteous and friendly nature you should also have a good chance with a professional activity in which you have to deal with people.

Libra is an air sign, and therefore use like your mind and make clear idea of ​​the best possible coexistence of people. They do everything to find your ideals, whether at work, in love or in other interpersonal relationships. With your sense of justice and diplomacy should be quite popular and always be able to count on the help of your friends.

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Scorpio is a water sign, which is associated with the planet Pluto and Mars. This means a lot of energy, which also suddenly can express themselves. The motivations behind the actions of scorpion-men are due to the water quality usually emotional nature, which is why they are also difficult to assess.

Do not take anything lightly and try to go to the bottom of things. Half-measures or lies you make aggressive, but you yourself are not against dishonest behavior immune when you see your achievements in danger. They are hardly squelch, since no other sign of the zodiac, you have forces that can re-mobilize again.

The scorpion represents the principles of regeneration and transformation, and therefore go get yourself cleansed from the greatest crises forth. They need the challenge even because you want to explore more how far you can go. It is very important for you that you are acting from the right motivations, because you can cause much harm, if you only have your own selfish objectives in view. With you conferred power you can manipulate other people and humiliate, but also build and support, according to your will. This is very pronounced, and failures will not be satisfied.

Even sexuality and passion play a big role in your life. They seek to connect with the big picture, and you can probably the most in the erotic. Curb Your jealousy and make you out of sexuality no silly power play, then you are at it have a lot of fun and can thereby gain a lot of energy. Even death can not scare, because you have understood the cycle of eternal life and death.

​Karin Trunz

​Be personally advised

​It helps to "do the right thing at the right time", whether in professional decisions, company foundations or in the private-personal area. Kinky fate threads are unraveled, opportunities and dangers recognized. Astrology was born of her. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived after the moon phases, introduced her to astrology and taught her to work and live with the "cosmos in harmony".

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Sagittarius is a fire sign and always looking for new experiences. He needs intellectual freedom and is not to be so quickly specify neither on external conditions nor of mental reservations. The planet Jupiter, whose salient features are extension and charity is associated with the sign Sagittarius. As guardian angel he is always at your side and bring you the luck, even if you think it is already too late.

They are another human being open-minded and go with a lot of optimism through life. Your goal is to find the truth, so you deal with the questions about the meaning of life and are constantly looking for higher knowledge. Ethical and philosophical issues will be of interest, and provide your wisdom and you. They endeavour to perceive your responsibility to society. Beware, however, against your standards unchecked to apply to other people because you do not necessarily belong to the most sensitive people. With your sarcastic way you can - even if unintentionally - hurting people in your area so that you should not be surprised when you accused precocious behaviour and moralizing or even distanced from you. At such moments, you should practice tolerance and strive to empathize more with your fellow man.

Since you have very strong principles, you may appear to others as 'conservative', but this is only partially true, because you want to keep in the final instance only to your own rules. Babies born in the sign of Sagittarius people are convinced that life is an adventure, a journey and a search for a hidden treasure.

Thanks to your intuition you are able to comprehend the scope of actions for the future. What you see every day and experience is a result of the history of man, and you know it.

The shooter is the reiselustigste signs of the zodiac. This is due to the planet Jupiter, the like into the distance - the farther, the better - sweeps. They are different cultures to be very open and have generally made in the course of your life, a picture of the world.

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The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is why you are a more serious character, who follows his obligations with great care. They do not hesitate to take responsibility for themselves and others up and it also to work hard. Your goals have been clearly defined, and even though you are very ambitious, you will pay attention to the feasibility of your plans. As the Capricorn is an earth sign, you will devote your life to concrete tasks and deal conscientiously to the fulfilment of your duties. You are not afraid to appear in public and to work in a wider context. You can effectively organize and serve as a role model when it comes to endurance and reliability. Maybe Interested yes for politics and become active in this field, the right energy for it you would have in any case. You want to make a career and achieve prestige, and because you can be a true miracle of self-discipline, you will probably succeed. Your connections and contacts can be very useful.

They focus on what is essential and can not be deflected so quickly. You find it not hard law and to respect, because you usually stick to the prescribed form. Only you must not get too fascinated by the public position of other people or their status symbols because true friendships you will thereby find difficult. Do not put yourself under too much pressure to succeed and enjoy sometimes a couple of hours with your loved ones that you would do well. You will probably be pleasantly old and thereby to give looser than you ever had it in your youth.

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People who are born under the sign of Aquarius, are active as an innovator, that is, they break the outdated structures of our society and pave the way for a better and freer life in a more humane society.

Friendship and Togetherness are very important to you, which is due to the assignment of the planet Uranus for Aquarius. Your friends and girlfriends can your solidarity be sure, because the planet Uranus produces among other philanthropic and humanitarian ideas.

They are distinguished by their originality and are proud to be a little different from everyone else. You have thousands of fantastic ideas and the spirit of unconventional solutions, you should sometimes take action and not just left to the realization of your plans other. However, you know your responsibility and are a pretty nice person, even if you sometimes may be regarded as a spinner, you should not always take seriously. The reason for this is that not everyone can paint the future in such bright colors and is ready to off the beaten track for this goal to go. They have high ideals and love the truth about everything, but you should be wary of too quick and impatient to act and be regarded as revolutionaries who criticize and indeed can destroy, but does not offer any better alternatives.

About lack of company you will probably never be able to complain, because you need the contact with many people and feel in the group at ease. You spread your ideas and deal with all the issues that are being discussed. They are open to all new and go with much Espirit your way, even if you are sometimes too fast upset about things that you just can not change overnight. Also, the equal coexistence of the sexes is a concern to you.

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You have a sensitive temperament, which allows you to absorb the vibrations in your area well. Whether that's a blessing or a curse, you do not know sometimes themselves so well because you can have a rush through your high receptiveness in great confusion. They are almost like a sponge that absorbs everything undifferentiated and then asks how actually their own views and feelings look. Sometimes you therefore escape from the harsh reality in your beautiful dream world, but this is in the long run no solution, because you just have to learn to cope with the situation. Narrow nevertheless often times from a little, maybe you'll find mental relaxation with good reading.

Since the fish is the last of the twelve zodiac signs, he has all of something. Swim in the large lake the variety of characters. That may not always be entirely without problems for you. Often you can opt difficult because Neptune, ruler of Pisces, clouded your thoughts. You should try to perform targeted and your energy to invest in specific projects. Do not let it be, to be dependent on the goodwill of other people, but stand on your own two legs. You first need to overcome your fear and your great potential to become conscious. In creative and artistic field, especially in music, you could have beautiful experiences of success and probably impress greatly your environment. You will reach your goal in life, if you have your filter activated and able to distinguish, what problems you should pay and which do not concern you. You might find even strength in the faith; Christianity is represented by the sign of the fish, and the person of Jesus can describe the quality and the potential of this character very well. They are able to honest compassion and would find perhaps a task in the charitable sector. Beware of drugs, because that could be you quickly become dangerous.

​Karin Trunz

​Be personally advised

​It helps to "do the right thing at the right time", whether in professional decisions, company foundations or in the private-personal area. Kinky fate threads are unraveled, opportunities and dangers recognized. Astrology was born of her. Her grandfather was very close to nature, lived after the moon phases, introduced her to astrology and taught her to work and live with the "cosmos in harmony".

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