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Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 1991

Venue: Divination - travel across the ocean
The astrologer sees itself as Wegweiserin

waz91web"It seems as equivalent to the horoscope a certain moment the conversation of the gods ..." {C.G. Young)

Sometimes, because of Mr. Trunz has a crisis.
Then he knocks when he comes home and is still burning in his wife office light, somewhat vigorously with the key from the outside of the disc. Karin Trunz understands that. So now and then feels the man neglected and worries besides them. he has rights. Were there not, ever a time when they had charged too much and overwhelmed accordingly? But the crisis, they both know will pass as it has passed every time. What endures is the common love for a job.
Karin Trunz is thirty years astrologer and about as long as "the Lord Trunz," as she calls him often, together. He makes the computer the mathematical groundwork for their deliberations. The enormously long printouts are later in front of her on the desk. every day is For years, it noted, and Karin with blue and red pen paths created in this sprawling Future building.

When the work is done, the last client has gone, the Lord Trunz makes an appearance again. Namely, when his wife is managed by the countless and varied problems that you discuss with her, by the injustices, diseases, mental distress and financial crises if they ever have the feeling that it considers that, in all up to the neck, then he takes her in his arms and says, "Come girl", and then some will be good again.

No wonder then that the Lord Trunz, without being present, is always with us. Just as some others, which we will talk of this sunny winter afternoon in the course.

Karin Trunz are eager to refute hasty criticism in astrology. Finally objectively measurable scientific phenomena are the basis for their work. Not as fortune teller she understood, but as someone who translates a language, "understand that other people may not be as good." Directory, which is a word that pleases her: Why not try to live in accordance with immutable laws, by learning to understand them and accept?

It's possible that one of them had no relation to it. But it annoyed when managers or politicians publicly insult astrology and secretly come to her. To remain unaffected by such behaviour, they take their work seriously. Finally, it states that it, and she says it without any pathos to their vocation. "Do with love and devotion a little", that meant, and just also: acquire maximum knowledge. Thus their horoscopes are based, for example, does not, like that of most colleagues on the birth alone. Because: How many influences and impressions of the man has not been taken in when he is born!

And then we come unexpectedly from the general to special before, are suddenly already in the middle in the future workshop, and there is no going back. Before I find time to scare, I experience amazement, what does it mean if a knows how to read in you. It is an adventurous journey that we take together, while sitting opposite us at the desk. Cross over the ocean of possibilities. Karin Trunz sets sail: we have favourable winds, progressing, lulls there are not rough seas challenges the skill. The panoramic view over the sea. A port is still far away, we go once before somewhere temporarily moored.

No wonder, after such a trip that coffee has now cooled. Karin Trunz, obviously familiar with rough seas and fate hardships of all kinds, has poured until no. Quite forget, she says. Where should she leave him? On her desk are half the computer flags and the zodiac, the DIN-A-4 format.
And then the woman needs space for itself. Although it is more delicate, and the silver bracelet on narrow wrist has plenty of game, but their energy, their powerful self-Involvement with the matter, calls for certain postures. It remains in power, the whole trip, and takes several hours. Based on both forearms, sunk the look in their opposite or in the papers, it is pensable companion that can not be carried away, but probably can inspire from what they are doing. No strained his turn all the time tells about, for a touch of freshness and youthfulness: Only a single fold of the steeper grade has the face of Karin Trunz currently a chance. "You are much younger than I faith- imagined...", Many visitors as saying. What is meant is probably: You look so normal. So not to hoax. At most, the presence of Willis Siamkaters with the impenetrable blue eyes, is linked to the symbolism of the supernatural. Otherwise Karin Trunz looks firmly on the foundation of the Christian tradition. Ultimately, she says, opening but everything we do and say, in a finding, "Lord, thy will be done ..." From her mouth does not sound the solemn. Thus the motto of a pragmatist to hear: hand soberly, irrefutable.

Of course they will, with determination that a cope with him, that he the way, the right for him, and finds. Because the odds and the talents were placed us in the cradle, are indeed a damn obligation. -
No, it would not say Karin Trunz. "We are there to each other to help us", ie their version. Only if it passes with her if she feels as a not understand what it is, then it has drastic including would occur in the butt to many she says, and so, of course, she is also disappointed when they warned or pointed intently at something and her advice was spurned. As for the money, alas, because they do not want that to write, how much it takes. Comparatively little anyway.

About rich reward her if there is a mother comes the worries around the son, and Karin Trunz, facing the constellations, can say, "Mother, let the The makes the Look here and here and here .... . "

Her oldest client - 90 percent are the way men receiving the advice - is now 87. A lawyer. He comes regularly, and it's fine like this. However, if they notice someone is dependent on it, calling for every little thing on, can possibly make any own decisions more, then she breaks off contact.

GoldStarIn parting, she suddenly pulls on the desk drawer. There are actually louder star in it. Self, from the stationery department. Karin Trunz stroking her hair behind her ears, smiling and revives the little girl again, she was off, this was fun to stars because the light so beautiful.

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