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The bull , which is assigned as a sign the earth element , is characterized by his determination and purposeful action . Bulls are required not to be too much cause of the material comforts of life into temptation , because they enjoy their hard-earned successes like .

Because the planet Venus dominates the bull , you can be enthusiastic about the finer things in life . You are a sensual person who needs to deal with the matter and wants to see tangible results . Only you should not make the mistake to define themselves on your property .

They need security and stability in your life and enjoy working for your retirement or pension . You just want to have to make any financial worries and are also willing to do something . You find it difficult not to devote himself enduring a task only makes sense it should be. Feel free to replant a garden or maybe even build a house . With your money you are going to be very responsible and happy about your interest credits . If one challenges you , you can sometimes lose your privacy and romp as do the bulls now once . But until then, must happen a lot already .

In your relationships, you can sometimes be very jealous because you are somewhat possessive. However, hardly developed another sign of the zodiac as much loyalty as the bull . but for you it is important to learn in the course of your life that other people can not have , but that these have rather decided voluntarily to resign from a stage of the life cycle with you .