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Scorpio is a water sign, which is associated with the planet Pluto and Mars. This means a lot of energy, which also suddenly can express themselves. The motivations behind the actions of scorpion-men are due to the water quality usually emotional nature, which is why they are also difficult to assess.

Do not take anything lightly and try to go to the bottom of things. Half-measures or lies you make aggressive, but you yourself are not against dishonest behavior immune when you see your achievements in danger. They are hardly squelch, since no other sign of the zodiac, you have forces that can re-mobilize again.

The scorpion represents the principles of regeneration and transformation, and therefore go get yourself cleansed from the greatest crises forth. They need the challenge even because you want to explore more how far you can go. It is very important for you that you are acting from the right motivations, because you can cause much harm, if you only have your own selfish objectives in view. With you conferred power you can manipulate other people and humiliate, but also build and support, according to your will. This is very pronounced, and failures will not be satisfied.

Even sexuality and passion play a big role in your life. They seek to connect with the big picture, and you can probably the most in the erotic. Curb Your jealousy and make you out of sexuality no silly power play, then you are at it have a lot of fun and can thereby gain a lot of energy. Even death can not scare, because you have understood the cycle of eternal life and death.