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Sagittarius is a fire sign and always looking for new experiences. He needs intellectual freedom and is not to be so quickly specify neither on external conditions nor of mental reservations. The planet Jupiter, whose salient features are extension and charity is associated with the sign Sagittarius. As guardian angel he is always at your side and bring you the luck, even if you think it is already too late.

They are another human being open-minded and go with a lot of optimism through life. Your goal is to find the truth, so you deal with the questions about the meaning of life and are constantly looking for higher knowledge. Ethical and philosophical issues will be of interest, and provide your wisdom and you. They endeavour to perceive your responsibility to society. Beware, however, against your standards unchecked to apply to other people because you do not necessarily belong to the most sensitive people. With your sarcastic way you can - even if unintentionally - hurting people in your area so that you should not be surprised when you accused precocious behaviour and moralizing or even distanced from you. At such moments, you should practice tolerance and strive to empathize more with your fellow man.

Since you have very strong principles, you may appear to others as 'conservative', but this is only partially true, because you want to keep in the final instance only to your own rules. Babies born in the sign of Sagittarius people are convinced that life is an adventure, a journey and a search for a hidden treasure.

Thanks to your intuition you are able to comprehend the scope of actions for the future. What you see every day and experience is a result of the history of man, and you know it.

The shooter is the reiselustigste signs of the zodiac. This is due to the planet Jupiter, the like into the distance - the farther, the better - sweeps. They are different cultures to be very open and have generally made in the course of your life, a picture of the world.