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You have a sensitive temperament, which allows you to absorb the vibrations in your area well. Whether that's a blessing or a curse, you do not know sometimes themselves so well because you can have a rush through your high receptiveness in great confusion. They are almost like a sponge that absorbs everything undifferentiated and then asks how actually their own views and feelings look. Sometimes you therefore escape from the harsh reality in your beautiful dream world, but this is in the long run no solution, because you just have to learn to cope with the situation. Narrow nevertheless often times from a little, maybe you'll find mental relaxation with good reading.

Since the fish is the last of the twelve zodiac signs, he has all of something. Swim in the large lake the variety of characters. That may not always be entirely without problems for you. Often you can opt difficult because Neptune, ruler of Pisces, clouded your thoughts. You should try to perform targeted and your energy to invest in specific projects. Do not let it be, to be dependent on the goodwill of other people, but stand on your own two legs. You first need to overcome your fear and your great potential to become conscious. In creative and artistic field, especially in music, you could have beautiful experiences of success and probably impress greatly your environment. You will reach your goal in life, if you have your filter activated and able to distinguish, what problems you should pay and which do not concern you. You might find even strength in the faith; Christianity is represented by the sign of the fish, and the person of Jesus can describe the quality and the potential of this character very well. They are able to honest compassion and would find perhaps a task in the charitable sector. Beware of drugs, because that could be you quickly become dangerous.