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Since the scale is a cardinal sign, you can put your energies focused and initiate new situations. We make your activities you usually together with other people, because alone you are not happy. The planet Venus, which is associated with the scale, you can in your search for harmony radiate many fine qualities; so you are charming and know how to dress tastefully. You want to be recognized, but do not give it as fast your principles on. It is much more important to you in the morning to be able to see with a satisfied feeling in the mirror.

You like to indulge in thoughts about love and dream to merge with the partner of your choice. Anger, jealousy or hatred puts you in fear because this contradicts your ideal of truth and aesthetic. However, you can also work persistently and purposefully and effectively organize your daily life. You should not overload, because in your desire for perfection, you often seem a lot to.

You can move well on the social stage, because you have honed manners and have to live a passion for the fine art. With your courteous and friendly nature you should also have a good chance with a professional activity in which you have to deal with people.

Libra is an air sign, and therefore use like your mind and make clear idea of ​​the best possible coexistence of people. They do everything to find your ideals, whether at work, in love or in other interpersonal relationships. With your sense of justice and diplomacy should be quite popular and always be able to count on the help of your friends.