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The fire sign Leo is associated with the sun, that is the great light, in the words of the medieval astrology. The element of fire is primarily concerned with the discovery and fulfillment of future opportunities. The sun gives us the energy that we need to tackle our daily tasks. It is the center of all life and represents the vitality in us.

Lions are very generous people and have to have a rather proud feeling world. The lion is replete with love, gratitude and luster and gives this like on to other people. He lives his convictions fully invested all the force of his personality. The influence of the sun symbolism feel born in Leo people as an invitation to respond to it. Although lions are abundantly equipped with positive characteristics, they have to learn to find their true nature and their lower energy independent of recognition by other.

In other words:

An important task of the lion is to search themselves.

As Lion you is not as important as your own little inner world. Therefore, it is difficult for you to jump over your shadow and to accept that perceive other people differently or think than yourself. It will sometimes fail to recognize the needs of those around you, because the lion different from the scale, the cancer or the fish is not a sign of the relationship.

They hate routines and can also be quickly impatient when it is not preceded by quickly enough. You also respond quickly offended to criticism and can not imagine what must be wrong with you because even. They are confident about yourself and your abilities and need for recognition of your surroundings. You will be hard to miss, because you have a majestic appearance and easy size. When you receive the admiration needed, you can be very generous and let others open heart to share your riches. You might remember a King from a fairy tale, which is very good, if he does not just have to fight against evil enemies and his power is in danger.