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The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and the element associated with air . They are distinguished by their communicative and have an agile mind . The contact with other people is very important for you , and you just love to express yourself and chosen to lead a good conversation . You also like to inform yourself about current events in order to keep your knowledge up to date . The field of media fascinates you , and maybe you'll find there a future career . You find it easy to deal with all kinds of information and also to reflect on .

Maybe you should more time to spend time to give your mind some rest and recharge their batteries , since they may quickly wear out between the fronts and become unbalanced . You must learn to differentiate between useful and unimportant information and activities , otherwise you will expect too much . You might could also be active as a writer and thus find the necessary serenity to organize your thoughts .

They are quite curious and always want to know what is just ' uptodate ' . If you have not enjoyed in your youth the training that you would have liked , you will try this shortcoming balance your life .

If you do not have the necessary variety , you could be capricious and unbalanced and perhaps even use hurtful words towards your fellow human beings . Therefore it is important for you to get enough suggestions that always keep your brain busy. Sit quietly for once with your own role in this universe and then respond you not insulted to criticism from your large circle of friends , which will not help you .