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The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is why you are a more serious character, who follows his obligations with great care. They do not hesitate to take responsibility for themselves and others up and it also to work hard. Your goals have been clearly defined, and even though you are very ambitious, you will pay attention to the feasibility of your plans. As the Capricorn is an earth sign, you will devote your life to concrete tasks and deal conscientiously to the fulfilment of your duties. You are not afraid to appear in public and to work in a wider context. You can effectively organize and serve as a role model when it comes to endurance and reliability. Maybe Interested yes for politics and become active in this field, the right energy for it you would have in any case. You want to make a career and achieve prestige, and because you can be a true miracle of self-discipline, you will probably succeed. Your connections and contacts can be very useful.

They focus on what is essential and can not be deflected so quickly. You find it not hard law and to respect, because you usually stick to the prescribed form. Only you must not get too fascinated by the public position of other people or their status symbols because true friendships you will thereby find difficult. Do not put yourself under too much pressure to succeed and enjoy sometimes a couple of hours with your loved ones that you would do well. You will probably be pleasantly old and thereby to give looser than you ever had it in your youth.