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Cancer people are very sensitive, because the cancer is a watermark and shares the environment of his feelings with . Moreover, he is a feminine sign, which is associated with a planet, the moon, so that it also stands for the female potential in man.

You live your feelings, and thus determines your emotional state your behavior more than anything else. Your emotional nature is ruled by the moon phases, therefore like emotional stability not just be your greatest strength. This can sometimes propel your environment almost to despair. A satisfactory home situation is very important for your sense of security, which is why all the necessary features are very strong with you. Sensitivity is both your strength, on the other, your weakness, which you have, especially if you are ridiculed.

Hide your soft core like under your thick armor, because you are afraid to admit their vulnerability. You should learn to stand and to your weaknesses and mistakes and to open up to other people, then your great potential will unfold in earnest. You can so much affection and warmth give that it would be a real shame if you would not use these qualities also. You need to be close to other people and should overcome your fear, to arrive not good or to be exploited.

They have a great imagination, but a rather confused inner life, so that you may not have the necessary ambition to also make sense to live out your talents. Overcome yourself and you tell people when you do not fit anything, because sometimes you need long to find direct and open words. You should try to enforce your interests with clear actions; that will be best for your self-confidence.