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Fortune Telling Astrology, a science and not Fortune Telling

cap12Reputable, modern astrology has nothing to do with divination or even superstition. Astrology is not a question of faith, but the knowledge of empirically verifiable relationships. Often this knowledge is now used incorrectly or not at all used.

Missing expertise and unhappy representations of astrology by the media have brought many reservations astrological methods.

The enormous scope of knowledge of astrology was (u Paracelsus, Kepler, Leibnitz, Goethe, Einstein, Jung. V. A.) In more than 4,000 years of the best minds of the time collected. Freed of esoteric superstition and adapted to today's needs, it is prepared to make an invaluable advantage in many problem areas.

A detailed description and justification of astrological thinking model is already read several times in recent astrological literature.


The basis of all statements are accurate astronomical calculations:

Each astrological analysis required as a basis, the dates of birth of the analyzed individuals.

With the birth dates the astronomical positions of astrologically significant celestial bodies to determine the time of birth.

This is done either manually using the ephemeris tables as are created by NASA closely, or using one of the already very good computer programs to calculate the position. In our area, even prenatally, I work with special programs that my husband Siegfried Trunz has developed in collaboration with me.

Result of these calculations is a chart graphic (horoscope = hour show).

The horoscope graphic contains arcsec exactly all astronomical positions of the ten astrological "planets" of Sun to Pluto.

The horoscope graphic is the working basis for the astrologer. From a huge variety of possible interpretations and combinations he attracts those who come a horoscope for this question, and creates a personality profile.

Depending on the task (vocational aptitude, partner relationship, social behavior etc.) the interpretation variants are then adapted and formulated.

At this point we would like to express our gratitude for their support to the Astronomical computing institute of the University of Heidelberg.