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People who are born under the sign of Aquarius, are active as an innovator, that is, they break the outdated structures of our society and pave the way for a better and freer life in a more humane society.

Friendship and Togetherness are very important to you, which is due to the assignment of the planet Uranus for Aquarius. Your friends and girlfriends can your solidarity be sure, because the planet Uranus produces among other philanthropic and humanitarian ideas.

They are distinguished by their originality and are proud to be a little different from everyone else. You have thousands of fantastic ideas and the spirit of unconventional solutions, you should sometimes take action and not just left to the realization of your plans other. However, you know your responsibility and are a pretty nice person, even if you sometimes may be regarded as a spinner, you should not always take seriously. The reason for this is that not everyone can paint the future in such bright colors and is ready to off the beaten track for this goal to go. They have high ideals and love the truth about everything, but you should be wary of too quick and impatient to act and be regarded as revolutionaries who criticize and indeed can destroy, but does not offer any better alternatives.

About lack of company you will probably never be able to complain, because you need the contact with many people and feel in the group at ease. You spread your ideas and deal with all the issues that are being discussed. They are open to all new and go with much Espirit your way, even if you are sometimes too fast upset about things that you just can not change overnight. Also, the equal coexistence of the sexes is a concern to you.